Posted by: coastcontact | March 23, 2015

American Madness – Right Wing Style

Following is PBS listing of the top 10 positions of Senator Ted Cruz who announced his candidacy for president today.

The Budget and debt: Mandate a balanced budget.

Cruz supports a Constitutional amendment mandating that Congress pass a balanced budget. He argues that this is the best way to cut down deficits and the debt.

Corporations: Slash corporate tax rates to 15 percent. End some programs like the Export-Import bank and federal subsidies for renewable fuels.

Common Core: End it.

Immigration: Block any current effort that lets undocumented immigrants legally remain in the U.S.

The Internet: Do not tax access to the Internet and block “net neutrality.”

Obamacare: Repeal it.

Social Issues: States should be allowed to define “marriage” and set strict abortion limits.

Taxes and the IRS: Move toward a flat tax and abolish the IRS.

Iran: Increase and toughen sanctions. End current nuclear talks until Congress approves the outlines of a deal.

Islamic State: Don’t send U.S. ground troops, yet.

Meanwhile there is an initiative proposal being circulated for signature in California that calls for the state to secede from the United States.  it will take just 365,880 signatures for an initiative to be placed on the ballet in 2016.


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