Posted by: coastcontact | February 11, 2015

High Fashion Comes to Los Angeles

Actually there are currently 24 Louis Vuitton stores in California.

The “Louis Vuitton Series 2 — Past, Present and Future” exhibition is in Los Angeles from Feb. 6-22. The event showcases a “untraditional interpretation” of Louis Vuitton‘s spring 2015 womenswear collection, according to WWD.  The exhibition is in a reconditioned building in what is called the new gallery center of Hollywood.  There was no cost to see the exhibit.  So my wife and I drove down to see the event.  We parked on Fountain Avenue just a few blocks south of Sunset Boulevard.  It was just two short blocks to the display.

Lead photo

We found what I call the reasoning behind fashion.  It’ all about illusion.  Isn’t that what makeup, and apparel, and how you walk and talk are really all about?  We entered into a dark hall that opened into a mirrored hall that reminded me of a “fun house.”  there were no distortion mirrors but the walls were covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling.  I could not tell whether I was walking into a mirror or down the hall. Then a short well light corridor lead to a second mirrored hall.  The mirrors not only display my likeness but also displayed models on a runway.  Beyond this startling part of the exhibit were room showing how their goods are made, a sample backstage room, and a display of their finest shoes, purses(bags), and jewelry.


Backstage RoomBackstage Room

More Fantasy

More Illusion


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