Posted by: coastcontact | January 19, 2015

Democrat and Republican Race to the Bottom

It continues to astonish me that the leading candidates for president, according to recent polls, are a group of people who were rejected for the job either four or eight years ago. Finally one commentator has had the courage to state the obvious. Eugene Robinson wrote in the Washington Post that the race is devolving into a contest of re-treads. “In a nation of more than 310 million souls, we can do better.”

Robinson is so right. Mitt Romney is pitching for donors as Hillary Clinton seems to have the Democratic Party nomination secured without one primary election.

It is a contest of shopworn seniors who have more to say about what they have done than what they are likely to do. Of course they will try to tell us that they still have lots of new ideas. Romney will now be concerned about the 47% and Clinton will have fresh ideas to counter terrorism and enabling middle eastern country partners and their people. Are we to believe that Hillary Clinton, one of the leading advocates for toppling Muammar Gaddafi, has a new understanding of Middle East issues and really has any new ideas?

The problem is the political parties. The power structure in both parties defines the likely nominees. It seems our choices will be either Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. We will hold our noses as we go to the polls; knowing we could do better.



  1. Good perspective – I would add though is what is important is those in congress- we need congress full of Warrens and Sanders

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