Posted by: coastcontact | December 11, 2014

Hypocrites or Honest People?

The United States has a history of wanting to assure the world that we did something really bad and it won’t happen again. Other nations for the most part simply move on and say as little as possible about their previous misbehaviour. Turkey’s refusal to acknowledge the killing of millions of Armenians is the outstanding example. Germany is the one nation that stands out in trying to make amends for the Holocaust.

Look at the list of things we Americans champion that we once supported. In every instance America says “never again.” Today we lecture other nations about their behavior.

– Slavery: Pope Paul III forbade it in 1537. Great Britain abolished slavery in 1805.

– Massacre of indigenous people: Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado. The killing commenced on Nov. 29, 1864, when 700 members of the Colorado Territory Militia led by Col. John Chivington attacked a Native American encampment in southeastern Colorado, slaughtering between 150 and 200 Indians — mostly women, children and the elderly.

– Internment of people of Japanese descent in America during WWII.

– A Bomb use: The United States dropped it twice to end WWII. Justified or not, the United States does everything in its power to prevent other nations from obtaining the capability of building nuclear weapons.

– Torture of war prisoners: Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo and in other locations, prisons were places where there was extreme torture and mistreatment.

What all of these incidents have in common is the words “never again.” However, when the United States government believes it has “the right” to its actions all holds are bared. As a nation we panic. Ebola was not even close to becoming an epidemic in this nation. Still the public and the government behaved as if there was an issue of going shopping at your local market.

When the next event occurs, and it will, you can be sure that panic will bring out the worst in us. Since we choose to investigate and report our behavior, our enemies will use those reports to prove that the United States is a really bad country.


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