Posted by: coastcontact | November 20, 2014

Solving the Illegal Immigration Issue

As has been said by so many other people; we are all immigrants except American Indians.

Obama on immigration-reaction-20141120-thumbnailThere is a difference between President Obama’s granting of legal status to the undocumented and the amnesties of the past. The president’s executive action is only effective as long as he is president. He has the authority to reduce the government’s pursuit of illegal aliens. That is what he is doing.

His reason? His legacy. He obviously sees his action as a progressive solution to a problem that has existed since 1986 when President Reagan did sign an amnesty law passed by Congress.

The 5 million or so people who might be effected by Obama’s executive order are aliens who have held jobs and have families here for more than five years. We allowed these people to obtain jobs. We rarely punished employers who are fully aware that they have been hiring undocumented aliens. We did these things because those illegal aliens took jobs that most Americans won’t. All this because American businesses would not pay wages that most Americans will accept. Construction workers, farm laborers, and other blue collar jobs are dirty, dangerous, or in some other way are not acceptable to Americans. Illegal aliens are filling those jobs.

The GOP continues to be the party of NO. They have objected to every proposal made by Obama. With no ideas of their own the Republicans will provide the grid lock that has existed for the past two years.

For the sake of the nation the Republicans in the House of Representatives should approve the Senate passed immigration bill.



  1. In total agreement with you.

  2. I have mixed and confusing opinions.. I like your clarity/ Thank u


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