Posted by: coastcontact | November 6, 2014

An Ugly Downhill Slide as Democrats and Republicans Fight for the Presidency

Attention Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and everyone else “seriously considering” a run for president. You can stop pretending now.

Is Hillary really the best that the Democrats can offer? With so many opinions among the possible GOP challengers can any of them bring unity to that party?

If you think it will be easy for any candidate you are mistaken. The Republicans will have to prove they can break the grid lock. The Democrats will have to prove they can overcome eight years of grid lock that they created; thanks to Barack Obama’s refusal to include the GOP in any legislative action.

Watching Obama’s news conference tells me that he has no regrets and intends to proceed as if nothing has changed. He pledges an immigration executive order by the end of this year. Will his executive orders be grounds for impeachment?  I doubt that will happen. Joe Biden would become president if Obama is found guilty. An unlikely series of events.

Chest pounding by leaders of both parties is the reaction to a GOP wave of success. These kinds of public speeches says the next two years will be a dog fight. Wait maybe this is all talk. The shock of losing the Senate has brought out the worst in both sides.

Will any of these candidates address the real issues confronting this country? I doubt it. Most people will be ignoring the politicians until the summer of 2016. Most of us are disgusted with their behavior and the unfulfilled promises.



  1. I get the impression that you don’t read the bills or you would know that the president and Senate demand have saved our country from the radical plan of the republicans. Not one bill was ever for jobs or infrastructure allthough the names of their bills always sounded good, the text of those bills never matched the title.

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