Posted by: coastcontact | October 30, 2014

Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ ads draw criticism

What does “The Perfect ‘Body” look like? If you believed Victoria’s Secret’s newest ad campaign, it resembles a tall, busty and very slender 20-something model, gorgeous enough to walk down a New York catwalk in nothing but her skivvies.

Personally, I like looking at pretty young women in their underwear.

The ads with the tagline “The Perfect ‘Body,’” which appear in U.K. stores and on the American website, don’t sit well with many who say the company is promoting unhealthy body image standards for women, as well as once again using thin models to set the standard of what a beautiful body looks like or should look like.
 Victoria's Secret Website
(Victoria’s Secret website)

To come to the company’s defense, the slogan is a play on words for their bra line in their “Body” collection (this is why the word is in quotes in the tagline), but it doesn’t make this ad gone very wrong – a right.

It’s true that Victoria’s Secret shows the same thin models in their TV ads, during their highly anticipated annual fashion show and really, everywhere the brand has a presence – so why the uproar now?

It may be that in those instances, this notion of body perfection is only implied, yet in the ads, it’s in our faces. The writing is on the wall, literally.

While the majority of social media users have expressed their disappointment a few have come to the lingerie brand’s defense.

This article from the Toronto Sun and written by – October 30th, 2014 .



  1. The nice part of being 90 something, All u worry about is purely physical good health and Mind.


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