Posted by: coastcontact | September 18, 2014

They’re Back!


"0620_NWS_LDN-L-HILLARY-MB"Mitt Romney


Hillary Clinton appeared in Iowa this past week and used the words “I’m back!” Mitt Romney appeared on Fox News Sunday. Neither has said they are running for president. Are they doing these reappearances just for fun? It’s unlikely.

Both of them had their chance to run for president and both lost. Why would we want to consider the loser as our next president? Richard Nixon proved that it can be done. Of course look at how his presidency turned out.

AOL conducted a poll of their readers and the results should be a message to both of them. Who would you pick for president in 2016? The choices Romney, Clinton, or Anyone else. The results should be the message. 61% chose Anyone else.

“In a match up between Hillary and Satan himself, I would have to go with Satan,” said Stacy Marston reports AOL.

Despite those cutting words it is obvious that Mrs. Clinton is planning another run for president. No one of consequence is likely to challenge her in the Democratic Party. Sorry Bernie Sanders.

With no clear front runner in the GOP, Mitt Romney is an odds on favorite in my view.

The question is who wants re-runs?

I believe both of them consider themselves able candidates for president. Are we likely to have a choice of “the lesser of two evils.” I fear the answer is yes.



  1. There is definitely the possibility of voter fatigue, should either or both of them run. I wrote about that last week:

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