Posted by: coastcontact | August 6, 2014

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

This is applicable where ever there are high paid politicians, executives, and all those other public speakers. They all talk about what society should be doing for the less well off. Not the homeless but the working poor and middle class who are trying to sustain their way of life and perhaps just get somewhat ahead.

Now a university president is putting his money where his mouth is. Raymond Burse, who leads Kentucky State University as interim president, will give up $90,000 of his salary so that 24 low wage workers on campus can earn $10.25 an hour.

Burse, whose annual income is about $350,000, said he thought for about eight weeks about the decision to take the pay cut and then brought it to the university’s board. He described the board’s reaction as “shock’ when they found out.

Asked whether he thought that his decision to cut his own salary might start a trend with other university heads, Burse said, “I don’t know. I did it as an individual thing and I can afford to do it.” All the details here.

Raymond Burse-kentucky-state-university-interim presidentKentucky State University’s president was the youngest of 13 children and said he learned the value of hard manual work and education from his parents.

So where is Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, the Clintons, all the other well to do “liberals” in America who talk about their concern for the less well off? They are nowhere to be found.

Why is that?

As they say, “talk is cheap.” We need more Raymond Burses in this world.


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