Posted by: coastcontact | July 9, 2014

When You Are Powerless

This is a very unusual situation. A piece of land, a lot of about 10,000 square feet sat unused immediately adjoining the freeway in Woodland Hills, California. Most of the property was a steep hill. We have driven by the lot every two or three weeks for many years. I said someone with lots of money and a love of auto and truck noise will ultimately buy the lot and build an unusual structure.

I was correct. The house has two garage entrances and is built into the hill.

A turret tower on the corner makes for an unusual design. The owner had the house built for his 72 year old mother. However, he cannot obtain an electrical connection to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. It seems there is no easement to the property to string the power line.

The electric line used during construction was a temporary line that was OK’d during construction only. So he called the Los Angeles Times to tell them of his plight. The item made the newspaper both in print and on-line. Others have picked up the story.

How a building permit could be issued before confirming that all utility connections were available has not been explained. The city has also issued an occupancy approval certificate.

This is my photo taken with a Panasonic FZ150 camera.

San Luis & Shoup edited




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