Posted by: coastcontact | June 20, 2014

It Wasn’t a Hard Choice for Hillary Clinton

Despite my contention that Hillary Clinton is the wrong person to become the next president I am still interested in the attention she receives. One hour with Diane Sawyer on ABC and two hours with Christiane Amanpour on CNN is a great way to sell books and an even greater way to prepare for a run for the presidency without announcing she is a candidate.


Naturally Los Angeles would be a great place to start a book signing tour for Mrs. Clinton. This is a Democratic stronghold. Even better was the Barnes and Noble bookstore in The Grove shopping center. This is the heart of West Los Angeles and home of liberal Congressman Henry Waxman.

Los Angeles is a very spread out city. It took 50 minutes for me to reach this high priced and very popular shopping center. 22 miles of stop and go traffic. Despite the crowd that awaited me the parking was easy.


The back end of the line. Two blocks from the Barnes & Noble store

I expected the crowd to be significant and it was. Security in and around the mall was very prominent. The line was about two city blocks in length. I overheard a security person say that people were lining up at 4:30 in the morning. The book signing started at 11:30. First you waited in line to buy the book and then returned to the line to obtain her (Clinton’s) autograph. The total time for the entire process was reported to be eight hours. The book flap cover says the price for this masterpiece is $35.00 but on a visit to Costco I found the un-autographed hard cover copy for $20.00.


 Hillary Clinton entering Barnes & Noble Bookstore at The Grove in Los Angeles

I did obtain a circular stick on badge that reads “I’m Ready for Hillary.” There is no rain in Los Angeles in June. It was a medium warm sunny day. That waiting line held many future campaign workers. If nothing else the turn out brought more visitors and business to The Grove, the adjoining Farmers Market and Canter’s Deli just up the street.


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