Posted by: coastcontact | June 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton is the wrong candidate for President



Think words like hubris (Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance; exaggerated pride or self-confidence) and narcissist (Excessive preoccupation with or admiration of oneself) and you have my impression of Hillary Clinton. 

Between her new book (Hard Choices) and her appearances on ABC, Hillary Clinton is setting the stage for her presidential campaign. Pertaining to Benghazi, What does “I take responsibility” mean? Mrs. Clinton is not the first person to use those words. Every time there is an error made by government a politician steps forward and tells us he or she is responsible. Eric Shinseki, former secretary of the VA, was responsible for VA hospital care and did resign. The lose his job was the price he paid for his incompetence. Mrs. Clinton? No price was paid. Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure who will do more harm than good to the Democratic Party. If she is elected president, Bill and Hillary would be a distracting element to managing America’s government. I am certain that there are many other Democrats who could successfully run for president in 2016 but have been warned away by the Clinton machine.

What do you think?



  1. I might be alone here, but everything else aside, I’d be interested in a candidate more liberal than Clinton 😛

  2. I was hoping that she would not run. I like her, but I do not think she is presidential material. Her remark “what difference does it make” was too house wifey. something that I might say.


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