Posted by: davidbancroft | May 23, 2014

Get the Truth out about Israel

  • that the settlements are NOT the “bar” to peace (Jews lived on the West Bank – and in “East” Jerusalem, where the “Western” or Wailing Wall, original Hadassah Hospital and the original University of Jerusalem are located – prior to being driven out in 1948)
  • that 20% of the Israeli population is Arab – and that 20% of the medical students in Israel are Arab (that’s Apartheid?)
  • that the current “Miss Israel” is Black
  • that one of the Israeli Supreme Court Justices is Arab
  • that NO map used by the Palestinian Authority includes any “space” for a Jewish state or area
  • that only one country in the history of the world bought Black Africans – and brought them to the “buyer’s” country to give them freedom and make them citizens …. (if you guessed the Ethiopians that Israel was forced to “buy” in order to bring them to Israel, you’re correct).
  • Your silence will only help the hatemongers.  Do whatever you can to help!
  • Israel (and these Jewish students) need our help!  The American (and European) public are being bamboozled.

Anti-Semites (and self-hating Jews) do not want anyone to know the truth of history or of what is really happening in Israel.

Israel (and these Jewish students) need our help!

David Bancroft


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