Posted by: davidbancroft | May 1, 2014

Can a Jewish state exist?

The issue is can a Jewish state exist? In other words, can there be a country where the majority of the population is Jewish? It was the intent of the United Nations in 1948. However, currently the birth rate of Jews versus Arabs living in Israel makes the country not indefinitely viable as a Jewish state. As I understand the current situation only about 75% of Israel is composed of Jews. If the native birth rate of citizen Arabs is 3 to 2 for that of Jews the time will come when the Arabs will out number the Jews. When that happens and Jews control the nation there will be Apartheid.

Criticizing John Kerry for his impolitic statement does not change reality. US secretary of state sparked outcry when he said country risked becoming an ‘apartheid’ state without a peace deal. Of course Jewish leaders are fuming over remarks made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Discount Ted Cruz and others who see John Kerry’s comment as an opportunity to obtain donations for political campaigns.


“The number of Jews and Palestinians living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean will be equal by 2016, according to estimates by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). According to the data, there are currently 11.6 million Palestinians across the globe.

According to the PCBS, by 2016 there will be 6.5 million Palestinians and a similar number of Jews in Israel. By 2020, the Palestinians will outnumber the Jews – they are estimated to number 7.2 million compared with 6.9 million Jews.”


“Israel: Jewish Birth Rate Continues to Rise”

“CBS report says Jewish birth rate is highest since 1995. Hareidi society younger than ever, Muslim birth rates still higher but falling.

By Adam Ross

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics has published a report entitled “the Face of Israel”, with a long list of statistical data from about the various different sectors in Israeli Society. The report includes data on the varying trends in the number of births within different groups in Israel. The Jewish birth rate which was measured at 2.98 – was the highest it has been since 2.53 recorded in 1995. Muslim women in Israel continued to have more children than Jewish women, although the figures showed the birth rate in the Muslim community had fallen to 3.51, down from the 4.71 measured in 2001.”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

This is a painful reality for Jews around the world who had dreamed of a Jewish homeland. The idea was and is that there ought to be a country where Jews would not be subject to discrimination based upon their religion. The State of Israel has been the closest scenario that replicated the dream.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to sustain the dream. Others in Israel are equally determined. Only G-d knows if this Jewish nation will survive. Even the non-religious Jews will pray for Israel’s survival.

David Bancroft



  1. Uhh, no apartheid doesn’t result just because Jews are a minority.

    The blacks in South Africa were literally “apart”. Not politically represented, not in their political system, not able to participate in the economy.

    That Arabs don’t have every right in Israel is indisputable, but that “apartheid” would result if Jews are a minority is not correct.

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