Posted by: coastcontact | April 8, 2014

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It!

Bill Gates Introduces Windows XP Oct 25, 2001

Bill Gates introduces Windows XP October 25, 2001

Windows XP was the most widely used operating system until August 2012. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP according to its life-cycle policy, focusing on Windows 7 instead. While users can still run XP after Tuesday. Microsoft says it will no longer provide security updates, issue fixes to non-security related problems or offer online technical content updates.

This operating system was originally released in 2001 but remains very popular. Many people have refused to update because the system functioned so well.

More recently Vista and the newest touch screen system (8.0/8.1) are glaring evidence of how so-called improvements have proven disastrous. I personally have delayed upgrading from Vista with a new CPU because the “tile version” of windows requires a complete relearning of the operating system. My experience my wife’s year old lap top has been a challenge.

XP appealed to a wide variety of people and businesses that saw it as a reliable workhorse and many chose to stick with it instead of upgrading to Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8.

Windows 9 is rumored to be released in April of 2015. Googling “windows 9.0” results in little in recent information. Desktop users might well be disappointed. Either way April 2015 seems a long way off.

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