Posted by: coastcontact | March 31, 2014

Why My son Isn’t Voting Anymore

He’s a smart man who moved to the San Francisco Bay area to complete his college education. After graduation he worked at a few Silicon Valley computer companies then decided there is more to life than making big bucks.

Along the way he was inculcated by the liberal/progressive viewpoints that are so prevalent in that region. He was ecstatic over Barack Obama’s win of the White House. The speech at Grant Park in Chicago enthralled him. He believed that the new president would change the world for the better. That the new president would turn around the country and provide the new start that so many had anticipated.

He came to visit for my birthday and wedding anniversary. Now that the party is over he tells me that he is beyond disappointment with our government. There is no point in voting in any election any more. The president, he says, had the opportunity to do the sorts of things that FDR did to employ the unemployed, build the kinds of infrastructure that so many previous presidents had inspired, and start the kinds of new education that would carry the United States as a leader throughout the 21st century.

We talked about the president’s failure to quickly end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We talked about the president’s failure to assertively stand up to Vladimir Putin.

He spoke about Ralph Nader as the man who spoke the truth but was denied participation in debates with Al Gore and George W. Bush.

How can I console my son? I pointed out that someone will be elected president. He will have to make a choice. That the system has been designed to deny third party candidates an honest opportunity and you just have to accept this reality. I pointed out that the public may be sufficiently disillusioned with the Democrats and that a Republican will most likely win the White House. He said it won’t make any difference.



  1. This generation is really more savvy ,



  2. Hey Belated happy birthday and Anniversary 🙂 I know little about Politics in USA but Indian Politics is the worst.Chinky

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