Posted by: coastcontact | February 16, 2014

The Fear of illegal Immirants

Do you remember the biblical story of the Jews who traveled from Cannan to Egypt? The Egyptians enslaved the Jews. There is a similarity in that story to the large numbers of Mexicans who have entered the United States. Americans believe that slavery is immoral. However, many Americans have no problem treating the illegal aliens as second class citizens even if they are given legal residency. Thus there has been little progress in resolving the illegal alien issue over the past decade.

I started writing about illegal (undocumented) aliens in the USA in November 2007. Since then no new legislation has been enacted. It was a hot topic then and still is today. When Hillary Clinton was running for president she opposed even the issuance of driver’s licenses to those here illegally.

Say what you want but we really want those people in the United States. They do so many of the jobs we prefer not to do. From cleaning toilets to making beds to working in food processing facilities, we simply do not want to perform those functions and hope to send our children to college so they too can avoid those menial tasks.

Immigration reform principlesThe GOP is standing in the way of creating even a path to second class residency. The Los Angeles Times had an on line article about licensing illegal alien drivers that included the fact that “The applicants may include people from rural villages who never obtained birth certificates as well as day laborers with no fixed address to prove California residency.”

I understand the feelings and fears of those who oppose any legal documentation for those entering the country illegally. They are here. They do the jobs we don’t want to do. As I asked in November 2007, How many of us are prepared for an uprising of the down trodden?


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