Posted by: coastcontact | February 15, 2014

Gay Marriage and who cares?

I now say it again, I Don’t Like Gay People.  Apparently it needs repeating.  My reason remains the same.  Many of them feel the need to announce their sexual preferences openly and repeatedly.  The most obvious display is their participation in gay or LGBT parades.

On an individual basis these people are mostly nice and well behaved.  I have no reason to ask any one their sexual preference.  I really don’t care.  Their marriage will not effect my marriage one iota.

The question is why should anyone care?  The answer is religious belief.  Most religions frown on homosexuality.  At least the orthodox do.

ted_cruz 2-13-14That view has provided the religious right with another campaign issue.  Thus Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has another opportunity to campaign against Democrats and moderate Republicans.  Perhaps because he realizes a legal challenge could soon strike down his state’s ban on marriage equality and that Republicans are generally losing the battle over equal marriage, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has introduced a bill “defending” states’ right to regulate marriage.

Is this a case of “state’s rights” or does he have a real opposition to gay marriage? “Citing states’ rights, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has introduced an anti-gay marriage bill.” Tea Party basic view is reduce the power of the federal government.  That leads to opposing all federal legislation.  That would include far a field topics from gay marriage to drought aid.


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