Posted by: coastcontact | January 9, 2014

Los Angeles – It’s A Time For Truth

Year by year, Los Angeles, which “once was a beacon of innovation and opportunity to the world” has become a city of despair.  Poverty now dominates all other issues.  A lack of decent jobs, poor schools, and overwhelming congestion are a daily fact of life.

Early in 2013 Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson asked Mickey Kantor to establish an independent, private commission to study and report on fiscal stability and job growth in Los Angeles. (Former) Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also endorsed the establishment of the Commission.”

Following is part of the initial report.  A link at the bottom of this post takes you to a PDF for the complete report.


Los Angeles is barely treading water while the rest of the world is moving forward. We risk falling further behind in adapting to the realities of the 21st century and becoming a City in decline.

For too many years we have failed to cultivate and build on our human and economic strengths, while evading the hard choices concerning local government and municipal finance presented by this new century. Like the hapless Mr. Micawber in Dickens’ “David Copperfield,” our wishful response to continued economic decline and impending fiscal crisis has become a habitual: “Something, my dear Copperfield, will turn up.”

The City where the future once came to happen has been living in the past and leaving tomorrow to sort itself out.

As a consequence, Los Angeles is sinking into a future in which it no longer can provide the public services to which our people’s taxes entitle them and where the promises made to public employees about a decent and secure retirement simply cannot be kept.

City revenues are in long-term stagnation and expenses are climbing.



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