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Obama: Unemployed aren’t ‘lazy,’ they just need a hand

Obama: Unemployed aren’t ‘lazy,’ they just need a hand,0,6811727.story#ixzz2pplnAM47

The president is correct. The unemployed do need a hand. Is unending employment insurance the solution?

The total number of people unemployed for more than 26 weeks is estimated to be over 4 million. The number is decreasing very slowly. 1.3 million of those people no longer collect unemployment insurance aid. That number will increase to include all the long term unemployed by the end of 2014.

The likelihood of those unemployed for a year obtaining new jobs in their old profession is remote.

The question is, are they really unemployed or are they just going through the motions of job search to qualify for the aid? I know there are some in that category. The obvious reason is they were ready to retire when they experienced a layoff. A second reason is that they are not ready to retire but have an alternate source of income.

The remaining long term unemployed may be searching for jobs in vocations that now have limited opportunities. That situation has been created by outsourcing and automation.

Those people who really are part of the long term unemployed need re-training in a new profession. Unless they are willing to participate in a re-training program they should be denied unemployment compensation. The cost of that re-training will have to be supported by the government.

Will their new profession result in a lower annual income then they are accustomed to? Most likely the answer is “Yes.” This may not seem fair to some but in a free enterprise society there is no requirement that those with an income must support those not working for an indefinite period of time.

That is my idea. Where are the president’s ideas? Where are the Congress’s ideas? “No” to unemployment aid is not an idea.



  1. You do realize that at the moment there are still at a min of 3 to 4 unemployed as jobs available, right? Isn’t your attitude just a little harsh, considering that all job re-training has been cut and at the same time with not adequate jobs available, just how do you propose they continue with no money? As it is, with the cut SNAP in November and now the unemployment cuts, it will be a serious drag on our economy. lead to more layoffs and ultimately ironically it will add to the deficit/debt. Yes we need jobs bills and we need infrastructure repair bills, but not one of those has been passed by the house for the last 5 years. This is just more ‘balancing’ the budget on the backs of the poor. I am sad that you don’t realize that

    • I understand unemployment. I have had the experience many times. It’s not fun. It was necessary to quickly become employed. House payments, car payments, credit card payments made it a necessity. There was no unemployment that lasted 6 months. To make that happen I had to take jobs that were not my preferred employment. As the economy changed I had to modify my objectives to reality. I broadened my job search into fields that were not part of my career path.

      The reality is that expecting to find work in some fields today is unrealistic. The jobs no longer exist. Examples: legal research can be accomplished in another country for far less than in the U.S.A., production control is now automated and no longer requires the large staffs that were prominent just a few years ago, technical help for computers and other products is now provided by personnel in other countries, machined products that took one half hour to produce can now be made in just five minutes, etc.

      “The cost of that re-training will have to be supported by the government.” Yes there is a lack of re-training now. Congress will have to re-write the laws pertaining to extended unemployment compensation to include aid for those programs.

      If congress does not act the USA will have an underclass of permanantely unemployed.

  2. Associated Press | The Obama administration wants Congress to extend emergency jobless benefits for long-term unemployed workers into 2014. Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling says that without an extension more than 2 million long-term unemployed people stand to lose their benefits next year. He says that with a 7.3 percent unemployment rate and with a labor market that has yet to get back to strength, many Americans can’t find work. He says the administration is willing to find ways to pay for the cost of extending such emergency unemployment insurance. The benefits were last extended at the beginning of the year as part of a deal designed to avert a so-called fiscal cliff of tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts. Sperling spoke Thursday at the Washington Ideas Forum.

    • Until we have jobs for all unemployed, its sorta like telling a hundred people to go fish in the ‘pond’ for their dinner and only having ten fish in the pond and telling all those that are left without a fish, then its just their fault for not trying hard enough. Every single jobs bill for the last 3 years has never made it through the house and the gop in the senate have filibustered any bill that had a chance for infrastructure repair. We have had extended benefits before many times and when the economy was in better shape than it is now. What so many fail to see is that by removing that money right now from our economy (everyone spends their unemployed check) it will slow down our economy, create fewer jobs-eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs that would have been created and actually add to the deficit/debt, as now there will be less and less revenue coming in. Until we have actual funded job re-training-free education and infrastructure repair- how can we blame the poor and unemployed for this and demand they get a job that doesn’t exist. To give an example of how bad our economy is- in DC when the two walmarts opened with 600 low paying and dead end jobs- they received over 23 thousand applications- 23 thousand! That is what is wrong with our country-when the corporations hold all the strings and have convinced the American people that its just fine and dandy to blame the working poor,elderly, disabled and unemployed,for the damage they – the corporations in lockstep with wall street-have done to our country-

  3. Why Isn’t Poverty Falling? Weakening of Unemployment Insurance Is a Pivotal Factor, by Arloc Sherman, CBPP : The poverty rate remained unchanged at a high 15.0 percent in 2012, the third full year of an economic recovery that officially began in June 2009. One key reason why poverty has remained virtually frozen despite continued economic growth is the weakening of unemployment insurance (UI). … UI benefits kept 1.7 million … jobless workers and their families … above the poverty line in 2012… This was 600,000 fewer than in 2011 and 1.5 million fewer than in 2010… To be sure, the decline partly reflects a positive development: fewer workers are unemployed, so fewer are eligible for UI benefits. But that explains only a small part of the decline. … The chief reason for the decline is the dwindling likelihood that an unemployed worker will receive UI. The number of UI recipients for every 100 unemployed workers fell from 67 in 2010 to 57 in 2011 and 48 in 2012. In fact, while the number of jobless workers has been falling, the number of jobless workers who receive no UI benefits has been rising and is higher now than at the bottom of the recession in 2009. … The share of unemployed workers getting UI fell for several reasons. First, the length and depth of the jobs slump has left many workers unable to find work before their UI benefits run out. Second, several states have cut the number of weeks of regular, state-funded UI benefits. A third and critical reason is that in 2012, Congress provided fewer weeks of federal UI benefits, which go to long-term unemployed workers. … What’s left of federal UI (the EUC program) is scheduled to expire at the end of December. If Congress does not extend it, all long-term unemployed workers receiving EUC will be cut off at that point, and other workers who qualify for UI will be limited to whatever their state’s regular UI program provides — 26 weeks in most states.

  4. Bottom line we needed those 30 jobs bills that the GOP led house failed to bring to vote and we need infrastructure repair. The unemployed are not lazy and its not their fault that there are not enough jobs for all that are unemployed. Sadly we will all feel the bite of the millions that are unemployed and now without any money to spend on basics. They estimate this will cost at the min 250 thousand jobs and that will only grow with each week of new unemployed taken off of fed unemployment and it will only serve to slow our struggling economy even more and thus actually not only add to the debt/deficit but actually cause more unemployment. We need our government to start working for we the people and stop only working for the uber rich and large corporations- although in the end- they will lose big, but by that time we will be in a depression, if nothing changes in DC

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