Posted by: coastcontact | December 27, 2013

We Don’t Need You – We have a Robot!

 Marchant Electric CalculatorEvery weekend for 7½ years I spent my Sunday afternoons poring over next week’s production schedule. There were no desktop computers. Marchant and Monroe mechanical calculators were still in use.

Today that job is performed faster and more accurately by a desktop computer. It’s done in minutes.

Lettuce Bot

Inventors have now developed a lettuce picking machine that will replace 20 farm workers (in one field alone). Amazon has a computer fulfillment system installed at three distribution centers that may eventually reduce the need to hire tens of thousands of workers. A company called LabCorp is hard at work developing machines to sort and split blood samples, which is just one of hundreds of thousands of menial laboratory jobs that pay decent money but could more efficiently be done by robots. A company in Mumbai, India remotely adjusted my laptop computer that was not sending print messages to my Hewlett-Packard printer.

So many jobs are gone. Manual labor has been reduced. Complex calculations are quickly solved using a computer.

Not everyone has the comprehension to learn the skills that the 21st century demands. How will they earn a living in this environment? No commentators, no wise men, no one has a solution.

As we enter 2014 it appears we will be feeding, clothing, and housing those that cannot perform the jobs of the new century. Some will object but our humanity will dominate.

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  1. Very well said- especially loved your last sentence-

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