Posted by: coastcontact | December 18, 2013

Battle to Save the GOP

The United States system of government requires compromise if it is to function.  The two major poltical parties differ in so many way that it difficult to believe they are even from the same country.  There are many reasons for this situation.  Urban versus rural is the most obvious.

President Ronald Reagan “stood tough and strong against our — and humanity’s — enemies abroad, at home Reagan showed a congeniality to his political opponents. And he stood for and evinced a sunny optimism about both America and the American people. To him it was always “morning in America.””  From   He compromised with Tip O’Neill, Democratic Speaker of the House.  

Americans want a well managed functioning government.  President Obama ran for election on the theme that he would be the man who would lead a government that would bring all Americans together. The president’s words, “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America.”  It didn’t happen.  His intent was in the right place but his ability to deliver has fallen far short.

It is obvious that Americans yearn for a president who can lead all the people regardless of their political party.

During the Obama presidency the GOP has NOT been the party of new ideas.  It has been the party of NO.  That has to change if the party is to survive.

That brings us to the group of potential candidates for the 2016 primaries. Who among the many can convince Americans that they can lead a divided nation?

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan clearly is a well known participant who wants to prove to Americans that he could lead our politically divided nation.  So even though he is an avowed conservative, who has been reported to be an admirer of Ayn Rand, he wants to convey the idea that he could lead the nation even if the Democrats controlled one house of Congress and the Republicans controlled the other.  Thus, Mr. Ryan has forged a budget agreement compromise with Democrats.  It’s not something like President Ronald Reagan reaching an agreement with Democratic leader Thomas (Tip) O’Neill despite what Chris Matthews tries to imagine but at least they were talking to each other.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is another possibility along with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  After all both of them are holding office in states that are typically Democratic.

That leaves out Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  All have been strong conservatives.  None has shown any inclination for compromise.

Still the budget agreement is an indicator that Republicans are beginning to understand the path to their success is their willingness to reach agreement.  That ought to translate into agreement on the debt ceiling and immigration reform.

If the GOP says NO to those issues they can say goodbye to winning national elections.


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