Posted by: coastcontact | November 20, 2013

No Defining Issue

Does Every Vote Count?

Why should I vote?  It’s the favorite question for everyone who fails to vote.  After many non-voters say that no matter who wins nothing changes.

In my own state assembly district there was a special election to replace the assemblyman who now holds a Los Angeles city council seat.  The results separate the Democrat, Now leading, from the Republican by 173 votes. It wasn’t immediately known how many provisional ballots remained to be counted.  So results are not final.  This situation has occurred in a district that has historically been Democratic.

Neither candidate has held elected office.  The candidates had a difficult time defining their differences.  Neither offered a clear message answering the question, why should I vote for you?

Perhaps that is the reason elections are close.  There was no defining issue.



  1. Very well said and it put the process of voting in a different light than one usually thinks of. A defined platform is necessary to encourage all to vote. For myself, the only way democracy works is if we the people vote. Too often we forget that we the people are the government. Thank you for your postings-I always look forward to your point of view- peace

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