Posted by: coastcontact | November 11, 2013

What happened in Benghazi?

The 60 Minutes report and apology was of no import.  I do not care what Dylan Davies told them or what was written in his book.  It did not answer the primary questions.

  1. Why was there such poor security at Benghazi?
  2. Who was the person outside of Libya who made the decision to not reinforce the security?
  3. How long did the attack last?
  4. Was there time to send aid?
  5. Who made the decision not to send aid to Benghazi while the attack was occurring?
  6. Who makes the decisions on security at our embassies and consulates?

Congress is entitled to know the answers.



  1. In answer to your questions- in 2010, per (Senator Jeff Sessions)Sessions, they started reducing the amount of the budget for security in foreign embassies and places like Benghazi and when asked for more funding in 2012, they told the state department, that they would just have to make do with the funding they got. Sessions is quite proud of his decision to reduce funding, and yet as all these tea-party fools do, now its the fault of the president and the state department and has nothing to do with cutting their budgets. What I find so sad, is where was all this outcry when so many died during the second bush’s administration and what about when all the marines died during Reagan’s term? There is no scandal here, other than the fact that the GOP/tea-party in their usual ‘government hatred’ cut the funding.

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