Posted by: coastcontact | November 1, 2013

What has happened to Mickey Mouse?

al_martinez The mouse that scored

By Al Martinez | November  1, 2013 12:05 AM | From LA Observed

There has been much ado on Facebook this week over a comment attributed to Sarah Palin that Jesus Christ had celebrated Easter during his time on Earth, even though just about everyone knows he was crucified three days before what became Easter. Ridicule, animosity, name-calling, hatred and other misanthropic adjectives darkened cyberspace when the story appeared, even after it was disclosed that the report was a fictional piece published in a satirical blog called the Daily Currant.

I, of course, as a registered Weeping Liberal, joined right in using terms like “horse’s rear end” and “stupid baby ass,” my granddaughter’s phrase, to describe the unfortunate woman who, shudder, aspires to become president of the United States someday. Then I checked out the Currant story, discovered its satirical intent and placed the truth on FB, but was told to “rot in hell’ and the animosity continued anyhow and is still sputtering away.

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  1. Thank you for the good laugh and at the same time pointing out the fallacies of what can be written on social media and how many people take it for granted that after all- it was on facebook-it must be true= Must admit that I was also conned by the Bauchman quote- it did seem like something she would say LOL

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