Posted by: coastcontact | October 31, 2013

Your complaining about

WordPress is one of the web sites that rarely goes down.  Since starting this blog in July 2007 I have had two instances when the site did not function.  I was back on line within a few hours.

However, my bank sent me home because their system was down.  They advised me to return in two days.  I was unable to deposit my paycheck.  They had no problem honoring the checks I had written.

My employer’s e-mail was invaded by a virus that took three days to repair. The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times web sites were hacked.

In California the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power currently is contending with a broken new computer system that has sent out bills that are either double the actual usage or one half the actual usage.  The expected time to repair the computer glitches is likely to be two months.

The California Employment Development Department (they send out unemployment checks) tried to implement a new computer system.  They said they did test it.  The system has been out of order for a month.  Few unemployment checks are being sent out.  There has not been a date announced for the system to become operational.

I am complaining about Covered California.  It’s linked to the web site. When you click the start button on the home page you see the following:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage


  1. Good posting-and as you pointed out, it appears many computer sites go down or get virus or as in the federal and state sites, they have a myriad of problems. Our site in Oregon has done fine with the medicaid sign-ups but our state site will not be ready it appears now to be Jan 1st- Maybe phone sites would be better?

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