Posted by: coastcontact | October 5, 2013

Tea Party Vision for the United States

There is no end to Tea Party demands.  With each win they go on to make more demands.  That is the behavior of an extortionist.  Their real intent is to reduce the United States Federal government to a very limited bureaucracy that cedes most functions to the individual states.  The result will be the end of the United   States as a consequential power in the world.  They appear to be winning.

America’s enemies couldn’t be happier.

From the National Tea Party Federation

The Tea Party movement’s objectives:

        • Fiscal Responsibility
        • Constitutionally Limited Government
        • Free Markets


So Fiscal Responsibility means no borrowing at all.  That would reduce the federal budget.  The debt ceiling is currently $16.4 Trillion.  In August of 2011 the ceiling was $15.2 Trillion.  Current deficit spending amounts to about 1/3 of the money spent each year.  What does that mean in terms of impact on society?  Reports say that the current government shutdown has resulted in reducing the government payroll by 15%.  That number does not include planned layoffs of contractors who say they will begin layoffs next week at Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky Helicopter and the thousands of smaller businesses that supply government with a variety of goods.

Constitutionally Limited Government means limiting the federal government to only those responsibilities specifically defined in the Constitution.  Translate that to mean no subsidies for any business or industry, no welfare grants or other aid to any business or individual, no agriculture department, no FAA, no FTC, no FDA, no SEC, no government departments for any function that is part of the 21st century.  Medicare, Social Security, and other social programs would have to be eliminated.  Of course the individual states could run those programs.

Free Markets really means no government interference with any private enterprise even if that means monopolies.  Drug manufacturers could make and sell anything they want regardless of its effectiveness or safety.  Food inspections would not occur because they would interfere with free markets.

Would these programs reduce the impact of the United States in the world?  I say the United States would be reduced in every way in the 21st century.  Our impact – well we would not have any impact.


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