Posted by: coastcontact | October 3, 2013

Do Gooders Folly

California’s governor, Jerry Brown, has followed at least 11 other states approving a law that will issue driving privileges to illegal aliens.  The theory is that those people will now be able to legally drive and that means passing a driving test and obtaining auto insurance.  Everyone will be safer.  What could be wrong with that?  If those aliens did all that the streets and highways would be safer.

The Los Angeles Times says “An estimated 1.4 million immigrants are expected to apply for the special permits, to be available in late 2014 or early 2015.”

The flaw in this plan is that I, as an illegal alien, fear being apprehended and deported and will not willingly give my real address to anyone except my closest friends and relatives.  Thus I am not willing to divulge my address to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  I would rather drive my car carefully but illegally.



  1. Well said, and it did make me think differently about the subject. We also have in our state the ability for ‘illegally here’ to garner licences, and must say I had not looked at it the way you put it.

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