Posted by: coastcontact | September 10, 2013

Not a Pin Prick Strike on Syria

obama-speech-live-syria-strikes-2013The president’s speech dealing with Syria clearly defined our moral outrage and our leadership in enforcing internationally accepted norms.  Unfortunately America’s history dealing with Muslim countries has been a failure.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Egypt are all realities.  Despite America’s efforts to help those nations transition to democracies, all have been a failure.

Even if this proposed attack on Syria will be significant, it is unlikely to change Bashar al-Assad’s behavior.

If the president really does believe that the United   States has a moral responsibility to deal a significant blow against Syria, he could have acted without congressional approval.  Other presidents have acted in the past without that approval.

He still can act today without that approval.  He won’t.  Why?  He does not have the backbone.


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