Posted by: coastcontact | September 6, 2013

Hope this will clarify the Mideast situation…….

Middle East Guide



  1. I know that my view is not popular, but as I have a strong military presence in my family, I asked what their views are. They like myself, abhor all war and no sane person ever wants war. That said, they said that if we do nothing, are we not then condoning the use of chemical warfare? It would be good if just the threat of ‘military’ intervention to enforce the ban was sufficient, but sadly that probably will not be the case. What good are bans if they are not enforced? This is not a call to war and only a call to enforce the ban- no matter who is using the chemical warfare, Its a ban for a good reason, and yes everyone is tired of wars, as we should be, but when do we as human beings decide that its okay to look the other way?

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