Posted by: coastcontact | August 7, 2013

What is Middle Class?

$100,000 annual income is not middle class!

When people with that kind of income claim to be middle class they have grown accustomed to a different living style.  They simply cannot relate to those of us in the middle class.

ABC News brought up the subject last night (August 6, 2013).  However, after asking the question, Diane Sawyer provided no answer.  It seems to have evolved from comments by the president.  He too did not define middle class.  ABC did offer some measurements on its website.

Their take is your income must be at least $32,900 per year for a family of four that includes two children.  The upper limit, they say, is $64,000.  The median household income in the United   States was $52,029 in 2011 so this range appears to be reasonable.  The US government considers the poverty line at $23,550.

San Fernando Valley - Typical Middle Class Home

San Fernando Valley – Typical Middle Class Home

So when your brother-in-law pulls into your driveway with a new Lexus and lives like money is no problem he is one of the lucky few.



  1. […] At $600 per week (15 x 40 hours) their total annual income is $31,200.  That number is below middle class.  Those in the $10 to $12 hourly pay rate are clearly part of the […]

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