Posted by: coastcontact | August 4, 2013

Who Should Receive Welfare?

Conservatives (GOP) are the group most likely to oppose welfare programs in America.  Their primary argument is that recipients rely on the benefits to the extent that they are not motivated to obtain employment.  After all why work when you can receive housing, food stamps, and money to pay for everything else.

The question is: If welfare aid was reduced would those relying on that money starve or go elsewhere in search of work?

 Of course the question is too simplistic. 

  • If a single mother has no one to care for her children where will the money come from for the day care?
  • Can the people receiving welfare perform a job?
  • Do any of these unemployed people have physical or mental handicaps?

This calls for discussion and compromise between the political parties.  It appears that agreements are an unlikely event.  Rigid positions taken by both Democrats and Republicans have brought congress to a near stand still.  When it ends, the 112th Congress will have passed about 220 public laws — by far the least of any Congress on record. This according to the Washington Post.

Unless the president finds a way to reach a compromise, the country will most likely be managed by continuing resolutions.  In other words, whatever we have been doing we will continue.  Current welfare recipients need not fear for the next three years.

We need new leadership in both houses and in the administration.  I look forward to 2016.



  1. Start first with 2014 and we need to ensure that only people who actually want to work for the people and govern for the good of all the people, and then we will worry about 2016. As to aid, since at this time there are at the least 3 to 4 times the unemployed as jobs available, and few of those jobs are at livable wages. Did we not create safety net programs to help ensure that no one in our country starves or dies from lack of healthcare and that our children have housing and education? There are so many ways to create a society that has not abject poverty. We need childcare for all children, we need healthcare for all(single payer) and we need to ensure that all in our country have food and housing and education. With that as the mission, and with the raising of min wage to a livable wage, our poverty will slowly be erased. We needed jobs programs, retraining programs, and infrastructure repair and all we got instead is 40 votes to repeal what can’t be repealed and numerous re-naming of postoffices and major scenic or historic buildings. I think that its time to stop calling it welfare and instead talk about investing in the most important resource a country has and that is the people. For every dollar invested with our tax money, there is a return of 1.77, and doesn’t that sound much better than welfare?

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