Posted by: coastcontact | July 31, 2013

Manning and Snowden are Not Alone

Bradley Manning Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are not the first people to release government secrets and they won’t be the last.  Historically Daniel Ellsberg’s release of “The Pentagon Papers” is one of the most famous cases of a military analyst divulging government secrets.  Ellsberg, working for the Rand Corporation, worked on a top-secret report ordered by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara entitled U.S. Decision-making in Vietnam, 1945-1968 (The Pentagon Papers) copied the entire 7,000-page report and released it to the New York Times and Washington Post.

Aaron Swartz, another geeky computer type/hacker, recently committed suicide (January 11, 2013) while facing charges for downloading academic papers from MIT and digital library JSTOR.

Time Magazine (June 24, 2013), says the internet calls these geeks heroes.  They must not have read the conservative commentaries on these self appointed “heroes” who prefer the possibility of harm to Americans than protecting Americans. 

TIME Poll question:

What do you think of the government’s collecting phone records, e-mails, and internet search records?

48% approve

44% disapprove 

We just went to the Hollywood Bowl this past Saturday.  It is an outdoor amphitheater that holds 18,000 people.  The security when entering? A cursory check of our picnic baskets.  We did not have to remove all items before the checker said “OK.”

Millions of phone calls and e-mails are made daily in the USA.  What is the likelihood they are listening to your conversations?  Why would they want to listen?  Could the program be a review of where people are sending emails and phone calls?  Obsession with intruding into your business seems to be the objection to the NSA’s efforts to stop terrorists.  Let’s hope no someone, undetected, does not carry a bomb into an amphitheater on ball stadium.

Manning and Snowden may not have meant to help terrorists but they have harmed our efforts to stop them.

They should be jailed for decades.


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