Posted by: coastcontact | July 23, 2013

News Media – All About the Revenue

News Media Sign PostJust this past December everyone was talking about the killing at Newtown, Connecticut.  Then there were the Marathon Bombers.  And just two days ago there were hundreds of parades and demonstrations over the George Zimmerman verdict.

I was certain that “Justice for Trayvon Martin” would not be easily forgotten.  But the birth of a new prince in England has pushed everything off the front page.  Even “Hardball with Chris Matthews” devoted his entire program to the birth.

So my question is, How important are the daily stories presented in the news?  The media wants us to believe that the current story really is the consequential event.  They keep feeding us with a non-stop flow of tragedy and drama that suits their need to obtain advertising revenue.  And what does the public do?  We watch and listen to every bit of information no matter how trivial.

The newspapers are not much better than television and radio.  Washington Post’s front page article “For some, a drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a harrowing experience” may be interesting to some people but is this a front page story?  The Los Angeles Times Column One story The NRA newest Sensation tells of a Black man who is also a member of the organization.  Both stories might be interesting to some people but is this front page news?  To me it is trivial events that have little bearing on anyone other than their immediate families and maybe not even them.

Is it any wonder that so many of us have turned off the news broadcasts and canceled our newspapers?



  1. Good article.

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