Posted by: coastcontact | July 11, 2013

U.S. Health Care – Not so Good

Doctor's Exam Room12 years ago, the World Health Organization released the World Health Report 2000. Inside the report there was an ambitious task — to rank the world’s best healthcare systems.

The results became notorious — the US healthcare system came in 15th in overall performance, and first in overall expenditure per capita. That result meant that its overall ranking was 37th.

The nation ranked number one is France.  Italy is number 2, U.K. is number 18, Canada is number 30.

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A 2012 report by Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation provided results of a world wide study of Infant Mortality Rate (Total Deaths per 1,000 Live Births).  Of 209 nations Afghanistan is in last place at 121.63.  Bermuda is in first place at 2.47.  Italy in 5th place at 3.36.  France in 6th place at 3.37.  United Kingdom in 27th place at 4.56.  Canada is 33rd at  4.85.  U.S.A. is 40th at 5.98.  Details at

CNN reports that Nearly 50 countries have attained universal or near-universal health coverage by 2008, according to the International Labor Organization. Several well-known examples exist like the UK, which has the National Health Service, and the Canadian public health care system.  Wikipedia lists the countries.

Oh yes there are reasons to oppose universal / socialized medicine.  Someone other than your doctor will have to decide if the procedure is appropriate.  Currently In the United States it is your insurance company.


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