Posted by: coastcontact | July 8, 2013

Money Wasted on Border Security

Forgiving someone after breaking a law is amnesty.  Both Republicans and Democrats are interested in Hispanic votes for their party.  Neither cares about the well being of the country.  The Los Angeles Times reports that The $46-billion security package in the immigration bill would benefit aerospace, technology and security companies, as well as border   states.  This is an unnecessary expenditure.

We can obtain substantially reduced illegal entry into the United States by denying undocumented workers employment.

Emphasis is on Hispanics because they are the largest group of illegal aliens.  It has been reported that 40% of those in the country illegally are not from Latin America.  Under current federal law, it is illegal for any employer to hire, recruit or refer for a fee any alien not authorized to work in the United States.  For first offenders, there is a $250-$2,000 fine per illegal employee.  For a second offense, the fine is $2,000-$5,000 per illegal employee.  If the administration simply enforced the law there would be no problem and amnesty would not be an issue.

So why haven’t we simply enforced existing laws?  My guess is that leading members of both political parties do not have the stomach to deny anyone a job.  In addition companies that hire illegal aliens have a lobby that is successfully impeding government action against employers.

We need a new immigration law that provides for both migrant workers and high tech workers. The Senate bill would encourage more illegal immigration.



  1. A good posting. I agree very much with you on making the employer be the one that is targeted. We don’t need though, to pay for a more militarized border wall, as we already have the most militarized border wall in the world, and the money, as you pointed out, would be best spent on enforcing the laws against the employer. Interesting to note, that the ‘illegal’ entries are no longer from mexico, but instead there are many that are getting to south america and then traveling up and crossing over at Mexico, and the Mexican’s have been slowly returning to Mexico, and a marked decrease in those coming across the border. Imagine if we just met all at the border, gave them a temporary SS card and temporary work visa, and then gave them 6 months to find work or leave? We would spend much less money and at the same time ensure that all money that they make here is taxed and the SS taken out of their checks. Just my thoughts on the subject

  2. It has been reported that the new health insurance law combined with the immigration law passed by the Senate would reward employers for hiring illegal immigrants. But would it?

  3. Without immigration reform, the problem of illegal immigration will only grow worse as the U.S. labor market slowly recovers from the recession. The number of illegal immigrants in the United States has dropped to 11 million from its peak in 2007, but it will likely begin to grow again as demand for less-skilled workers picks up with the economy.

  4. Most states prohibit employers from firing an employee in violation of public policy — that is, for reasons that most people would find morally or ethically wrong. Of course, morals and ethics can be relative things, so the law varies from state to state. A termination decision that might be allowed in one state might be prohibited in another.

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