Posted by: coastcontact | June 30, 2013

Amnesty – Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Amnesty.  Synonyms are Official pardon, General pardon, Reprieve, Forgiveness.

Senate Bill 744, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill has one substantial flaw.  It is amnesty. It would immediately provide legal residency to millions of illegal aliens.  They may have entered the country legally on a visitor’s visa or passport or they may have snuck into the country without any legal documentation. In both instances they were never given permission to live permanently in the United States.

My concern is the message that this Senate bill sends to the world. That is if you can manage to sneak into the United States and find employment we will ultimately grant you a green card and the opportunity to become a citizen. Thus this will not be the final wave of illegal immigration. It will be the second wave of illegal immigration. President Reagan’s amnesty law was the first. This law will be marked as an invitation for many more to sneak into this nation.

Everyone will agree that bolstering the border with 24-hour drones, 20,000 new Border Patrol officers and 700 miles of fence are good ideas. The idea that new immigrants must pay fines and fees, know English and be in good standing after undergoing background checks are good plans.  However, the reality is that there are communities where English is rarely used. We provide citizens with ballots in many languages. There is no motivation to learn English.  There is no motivation to participate in American culture.

I am not contending that all illegal aliens are refusing to become part of American culture. I am contending that large numbers of them do not integrate because they are part of communities that insulate them from American life.

Dearborn, Michigan has a large Arabic/Muslim population. Comfortable for them. They live in a ghetto or barrio like community of their own making. The do not have to mingle with American society.

San Fernando, California is 92.5% Hispanic. The surrounding community is primarily Hispanic. If you work there or nearby you do not have to learn English.  It is a Hispanic’s destination for those coming to metropolitan Los Angeles.

These are just two of the many ethnic communities that are insulated from American culture.

Participate in American society? They ask, why should we when we have brought our culture with us?


  1. More than 10 million illegal immigrants live in the United States, and 1,400 more arrive every day. Once concentrated in a few big states like Texas and California, they are rapidly moving into non-traditional areas such as the Midwest and South. Willing to work for low wages, the migrants are creating a backlash among some residents of the new states, which have seen a nearly tenfold increase in illegal immigration since 1990. While illegal immigrants only make up about 5 percent of the U.S. work force, critics of the nation’s immigration policies say illegal immigrants take Americans’ jobs, threaten national security and even change the nation’s culture by refusing to assimilate. But immigrants’ advocates say illegal migrants fill the jobs Americans refuse to take and generally boost the economy. Proposals to deal with illegal immigration include the Real ID bill, which would block states from issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, and “! ;guest worker” programs granting temporary legal status to illegal workers.

  2. According to NPR in 2005, about 3% of illegal immigrants were working in agriculture .

  3. According to NPR in 2005, about 3% of illegal immigrants were working in agriculture .

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