Posted by: coastcontact | May 8, 2013

There are Consequences

There are consequences to the things you say or do even if you are not in the public eye.  Express hatred or dislike for a particular group (i.e. the Irish are all drunkards) to friends and you might learn that they are offended by your words.  The consequence is the loss of friendship.  Similarly a business has the reputation for mistreatment of its employees (think Wal-Mart) and the consequence might be the loss of customers.

Rush Limbaugh

I usually do not listen to Rush Limbaugh because of his incendiary language.  Apparently I am not alone. reported on a Politico Dylan Byers column that Limbaugh may be leaving Cumulus Media by the end of this year because of his remarks about Sandra Fluke.  Limbaugh called Fluke a slut.  The Cumulus Media CEO said that their top three stations had lost $5.5 million, in part, because of an ensuing boycott of their stations.

A fire at one Bangladesh clothing factory followed by the collapse of an eight story building, that has now reportedly killed more than 800 people, has resulted in clothing companies withdrawing their contracts in that country.  Of even greater concern is that there will be a loss of sales in stores of products made in Bangladesh.  That would include me.

Coca Cola introduced New Coke about ten years ago.  It was a total flop.  They quickly returned to their original formula.

The NRA may be dancing over their defeat of a background check for gun buyers but the consequences of their lobbyist efforts will be felt.

The next time you are about to open you mouth on any subject consider the impact of your words and the possible consequences that could affect your relationships or your company’s relationships.



  1. Thank you for such a great posting. I really enjoyed it, and you are so correct.

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