Posted by: coastcontact | April 30, 2013

LAX Ranked at the Bottom of Most Categories

Light Pylons at LAXNo one wants the noise and traffic associated with an airport.  Most of us who bought homes near the airports knew what the impact on our lives would be.  Having lived between Vanowen Street and Sherman Way in the North Hollywood-Van Nuys corridor for many years I can relate to the irritation of hearing the landing gears shift into place along with the jet noise.   The issue is that the second largest city in the United States has an airport that does not make a list of the 30 best airports in the nation.  Travel and Leisure magazine says, “LAX ranked at the bottom of most categories—that includes location (20th), check-in and security process (21st), impression of safety standards (22nd), baggage handling (20th), staff communication (21st), and terminal cleanliness (21st). Clearly, this worn-out airport is ready for a major Hollywood makeover.”

Eric Garcetti, candidate for mayor, was more concerned with obtaining votes then supporting this measure.  He voted “no” to moving the north runway need to provide space for larger aircraft. The only three “no” votes were the two running for city wide office and the representative for the area surrounding the airport.  Garcetti has now lost my vote.



  1. Hi, I thought you might like to read this. We don’t even make the top 25 airports in the world. heres the link

  2. It’s even worse than I had imagined. Of course there is a group in the United States who say not a cent for infrastructure. Meanwhile the rest of the world is moving beyond the USA. Too many Americans are living in the past. Post WWII is over 60 years ago. Hello Rip Van Winkle!

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