Posted by: coastcontact | April 24, 2013

Which minority will be next?

Infamously ill-tempered Fox News co-host and former Democratic strategist, Bob Beckel, suggested this past Monday that the U.S. stop accepting foreign Muslim students until the ones already here have been thoroughly vetted.

Bob Beckel “The hatred for the United   States runs deep,” Beckel said during a broader discussion on the Boston Bombings.  Perhaps we should block entry of all Muslims into this country until those already here, both permanent residents and visiting Muslims, have been thoroughly vetted.

Look, America is under siege.  Radical Muslims have sworn to attack and destroy the United States.  Unless Muslims can prove that they are not part of a radical group we must assume that they are.  I am merely following Beckel’s reasoning.

The United States locked up 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.  There were no trials.  The decision was based upon the fear that any one of those people could be working for their native land.

Apparently we have not changed.  Run for the exits!  Fear has overtaken logic and reason.  The rights defined in the constitution are about to be ignored.

Which minority will be next?



  1. Good posting.

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