Posted by: coastcontact | April 2, 2013

Be Rich, Be Smart, Live Longer

Peter R. Orszag, the former director of the Congressional Budget Office, has written a column for that tells us nothing we did not already know.  Better educated Americans live longer than the rest of us and children of those rich people are getting more education than those that are poorer.  This is hardly news.  I would only disagree with one part of this article.  You will most likely live longer if you are better educated no matter how rich you are.  The riches enable you to buy the best health care and that will most likely extend your life.

Life among the wealthy is extended simply because they are wealthy.  An example of extended life is the still alive Zsa Zsa Gabor who turned 96 this past February.  Her health has seriously deteriorated in recent years but thanks to her wealth she is still alive.

I would have preferred that Mr. Orszag had discussed the primary benefit of ACA (the Affordable Care Act/Obama Health Care).  That would be more productive years of life for more people.

Thus Mr. Orszag ought to be promoting the benefits of ACA.  Similarly the President ought to be promoting the benefit of longer life thanks to the availability of health care.


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