Posted by: coastcontact | March 26, 2013

Equality is something for Everyone!

Some of the people in my family are devoutly religious.  None are in my immediate family.  I am quite certain that they believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  They believe it cannot be any other way.  Homosexuality is, in their view, something to be hidden and something to be ashamed of.  It must have been VERY difficult for Senator Rob Portman, who had taken a strong stand against gay marriage to learn that his 21 year old son is gay.

I personally find sexual relations between two people of the same sex to be revolting.  Especially sex between two men.  There was nothing funny about “I Love You Phillip Morris” starring Jim Carrey.  To me it was horrifying.

Despite my feelings, I recognize that there are people in this world who are attracted to others of the same sex.  They have the right to live their lives as happily as does the rest of society.  Homosexual marriages will not impact my marriage in any way.  The religious may believe that homosexual marriage will demean the basic principles of marriage.  Those that have that belief probably also find all deviations from orthodox religion as unacceptable behavior too.

No one makes you associate with those you find an anathema to your views or beliefs.  You are not required to associate with people of another religion, race, political party, etc. that you consider unacceptable.

Modern Family” really is a profile on the early 21st century as “The Jeffersons” were in the last part of the 20th century.

I have no idea how the Supreme Court will rule on California’s Proposition 8 or DOMA.  I would recommend the justices re-read the American Declaration of Independence and the preamble to the Constitution.

Equality is something for Everyone!  No law should limit that right!



  1. A really good posting. If everyone in our country would just realize that we are all guaranteed equal under our constitution, it would be nice, wouldn’t it. The way I look at it, is there can never be too much love and so often, instead we see too much hate-prejudice.

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