Posted by: davidbancroft | March 21, 2013

Obama the Naive

President Barack Obama “delivered an impassioned appeal Thursday for Israel to recognize that compromise will be necessary” to achieve lasting security and reverse international isolation.  This was reported in an AP article.

A short review of history tells us that Israel cannot provide any more compromises than have already been given.

Hamas rocket in gaza

Tens of thousands of Hamas supporters gathered in Gaza City near a large replica of an M-75, a Hamas rocket, that bore the words “Made in Gaza.”

  • Hamas is the group that functions as the Gaza      government.  Hamas does not  recognize the right of Israel to exist.  Without that recognition      there can be no legitimate negotiations.   Khaled Meshal, the political leader of Hamas gave a defiant speech      this past December vowing to build a Palestinian state on the land of Israel.  In that speech he vowed to remove every      inch of Israel and that that there is no legitimacy for Israel.”
  • Israel  did withdraw from the Gaza  strip leaving behind many buildings.   They were all destroyed by the Palestinians.  Hamas now uses Gaza as a base to  shoot rockets into Israel  and in fact was shooting rockets as President Obama spoke to Israelis  today.

Precisely what compromise would Mr. Obama propose?

David Bancroft


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