Posted by: coastcontact | March 6, 2013

Democracy in Decline

16.1% of registered voters in Los   Angeles actually participated in yesterday’s city election.  It is a sad commentary on the belief that democracy works.  The message from the voters is that whoever they vote for the results will not change anything in city management.  We were all taught that elections mattered.  Apparently we have learned it just isn’t so.  Why vote if the outcome makes no difference?

This may not signal the end of democracy in the next few years.  However when I watch the Congress not doing its job it reinforces my suspicion that even at the highest levels of our society democracy is stumbling.

Those of you in other nations reading about the United   States and believing that we have the answers to making government work should consider our current performance.  Think twice or perhaps three or four times before joining this madness.



  1. I wonder if it was made easier for people to vote, like voting by mail, as we do here in Oregon, it it would bring the turnout up? Also, for too many years in our country, it was as if we were in a collective coma of apathy and distrust of the government, but no real involvement. Now, as I do my daily wandering through the different sites I enjoy, I see in the comments area, new people daily, and that is a good thing. If we want change, then we the people are going to have to step up to the plate and engage others around us by our passion and our sharing of what we learn. Not everyone can take the time to read the bills and the budgets and how they vote. I do, although I must admit it wasn’t by choice(medical reasons) and so I try to share with others what I learn In our country twice before, we the people (the true government per the constitution) have come together and reclaimed our government from the avarice of corporate avarice, and I have faith that we can once more do that. It won’t come easy, no great change comes easy, but it is possible. We have the internet at our hands when in the 30’s they relied on newspapers and radio talk show for their information and grassroots activists and they succeeded in the New Deal and Social Security and Labor rights and the list goes on(unfortantly since they in 1936 chose the same austerity path as now, it took to the 40’s to come out of the depression and ultimately it was the war that finished the progress into a thriving economy. You and everyone that writes has the ability to share with so many and to help raise awareness of what is going on. Never discount how important your voice can be. I look forward to your postings, Thank you

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