Posted by: coastcontact | February 28, 2013

Politicians Use Fear to Get Their Way

Politicians use fear to motivate each other and the general public.

The President is wrong to use fear to motivate Congress!

In California the governor, Jerry Brown, used fear to motivate voters to vote for a .25% sales tax increase and an income tax increase on the wealthy.  It worked!  Now there are indications that the state may be able to restore many programs that had been canceled and save others that were scheduled for major reductions.  The problem is that the additional state income may be spent on unnecessary new programs.

The city of Los Angeles wants voters to approve another .5% sales tax increase to bail out their shortfall.  Their fear motivation is that the city will go bankrupt without the higher tax. That will be decided in a March 5 election.

President Obama is using the same tactic in his campaign to stop sequestration.  The threat is long lines at airports, reduced food inspection, criminal illegal aliens will be let out onto our streets, companies doing business with the government may have to layoff half of their employees, we can’t send patrol ships to the Persian Gulf, etc.  All of this the result of a 2.4% reduction in this year’s budget that must be absorbed in the next seven month.

The stock market is not panicked and we can only hope that it doesn’t panic.  There are no demonstrations in the streets.  Mr. President, you are alienating the public when you use fear as a tactic to get your way!



  1. Good posting. I am not sure if I agree with the way you see it. In my mind, he is trying to use public pressure to motivate those in congress to act and to do what the people are saying they want. The cuts will hurt our economy, because of the loss of federal jobs and also put our food safety at danger. Do I agree with the way the president is handling this? NO. I think that he blew it his last term when he didn’t stand up to the GOP and now is paying the price. As to the people, it almost’s seems as if they intend to punish the people for voting in twice a president they abhor. Too bad we the people don’t have the power to impeach those in congress that refuse to work for the people. for my self i wrote emails to my states rep and senators, Reid and Boehner and the president and probably signed 4 different petitions. We the people are the government and we need to all start remembering that. Thank you again for your posting.

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