Posted by: coastcontact | February 18, 2013

Los Angeles Mayoral Race

This article in the Los Angeles Daily News tells that  “Traditionally, voter turnout for mayoral elections is less than 40 percent for runoffs and less than that for primaries. Some city elections have drawn less than 10 percent of the 1.7 million eligible voters.”

Why vote when the likely winner for mayor is someone who cares more about the labor unions than about the city? I took the 2013 Los Angeles Budget Challenge at the city web site and to my dismay learned that the city has projected revenues of almost $4.7 billion and still cries for more. I have not heard one candidate for mayor talk about living within our means. That of course would require some straight talk and no one wants to do that. The public is disgusted and a majority see no worthwhile candidates.

My highest priorities are police and fire protection.  Everything else is one, two or three steps below those priorities.  At the end of the survey the results are provided with the most favored allocation of money to my choices and the current budget plans.

My choices resulted in a lower spending plan than the most favored choice and well below the current plan.  Still my ideas would leave the city with a deficit of $50.1 million.

So what are the candidates for mayor and city council saying?  Nothing about balancing the budget.  Even worse they lack any vision for the city. The leading candidates for mayor are One Republican with no city government experience and Three Democrats all with city experience are all tied to their past and all with connections to city labor unions.

Is it any wonder that turn outs for city elections rarely exceed 50% of registered voters.


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