Posted by: coastcontact | February 4, 2013

The Playbook

“keep secret its legal justification for killing without a trial”

Barack  Obama  is  the  enhanced  George  W.  Bush!

Newsweek’s latest edition (February 1, 2013) on iPad, Android, and PC only, offers an article that describes the protocol for the targeted killings conducted by drones.  According to this article the U.S. administration has been developing “explicit rules and procedures for when lethal force is justified.”  Justification includes the legal right to conduct such killings of bad guys even if they are American citizens.  This set of rules is referred to as “the playbook.”  Newsweek reports that the playbook has evolved from the targeted killings that have been conducted in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.  Playbook killings could be conducted, according to Newsweek, wherever the United States detected terrorists that are a threat to the American homeland.  The playbook goes into detail about who the targeted individuals might be and does exclude drivers, cooks and others who are part of a support staff within a terrorist group.  Thus Somalia, Mali, or any other place on Earth could be part of the playbook’s rules and procedures.

Not addressed in the Newsweek article is the legal justification for killing Americans who appear to be traitors, such as Anwar al-Awlaki, without a trial.  The administration, I believe is skating on thin ice.  The Huffington Post reported January 2, 2013 “The Obama administration will be able to keep secret its legal justification for killing without a trial an American suspected of joining al Qaeda after a federal judge on Wednesday dismissed most of a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and The New York Times. Both the ACLU and The New York Times plan to appeal the decision.”

WowIf the government can keep the justification secret then what else can the government do to its own citizens? al-Awlaki was clearly a traitor to the United States but killing him without due process is a stretch.

Is it any wonder that there are people in the United States who want to have all weapons at their disposal?


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