Posted by: coastcontact | January 9, 2013

Is it Safe to Live in the United States?

The Los Angeles Times print and internet editions provided news of San Diego State University hosting school shooting survival training.

San Diego State simulate a police team searching for a gunman

San Diego State simulate a police team searching for a gunman

Los Angeles schools will have police visiting all schools in the city district daily to assure parents that their children are safe. The program is the result of the Newtown, Conn. Shooting.

What madness is this? Like a “Twilight Zone” story we fear a handful of people who threaten our children and families with death just because of the second amendment to the constitution. Even the conservative Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia has said that reasonable gun regulations are legal. The death rate from homicides in the United States is over 3 people per 100,000 residents. That same number is .5 in Canada and England had 35 homicides in 2011. Neither of those countries has seen dictators take control of their governments. Our obsession with fire arms is horrifying.

Is it safe to reside in this country when you fear going to church, to school, or the shopping mall? Is my only course being armed wherever I go?



  1. As always a good post. Since the Mall shooting was very close to my home and knowing people that work there, it really brought home this feeling of not being safe wherever you go. How do we handle this? For example, in Australia, after similar mass shootings.instituted very strong and strict gun laws and they bought back all the guns that were out there(of course the outback and remote areas were allowed to keep hunting rifles) and since then they have had NO more mass shootings and no suicides by gun. Too bad we in this country can’t do the same. As always, just my thoughts on this.

  2. I have written this before.

    I would support the idea of confiscating all guns that can hold magazines of more than ten bullets. Unfortunately the second amendment takes precedent.

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