Posted by: coastcontact | December 25, 2012

The NRA Vision for America

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Los Angeles Times today.  The author accurately and clearly expresses my views.

Re “Gun reform ideas more than just talk,” Dec. 23, and “NRA calls for armed guards in all schools,” Dec. 21

Finally, I understand the thinking of the National Rifle Assn.: It wants to put armed guards in all schools to protect us from the people it   is protecting, when what we really need is protection against them.

An armed society is an intimidating society, in which people fear saying what is on their minds because they fear being shot by the armed person next to them.

An armed society is a gross violation of public spaces and of our right to be free from fear.

An armed society spells the end of civil public discourse and, consequently, the end of democracy.

Before this happens, we need to stand up to the menace of unrestricted gun possession and those who advocate for it.


Toluca Lake, California


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