Posted by: coastcontact | December 20, 2012

Democrats Have the Upper Hand

Tonight John Boehner, Speaker of the House, was unable to obtain a vote in favor of his “Plan B” to avoid the fiscal cliff.  This is surprising to me as the only people who would experience a raise in their marginal tax rates would be those with annual taxable incomes of over $1 million.

So Mr. Boehner confirmed to everyone that he does not speak for the Republican Party caucus when it comes to tax and budget legislation.  This leaves one slim chance for the Democrats to prevent falling of the cliff.  To accomplish this will require some Republican congressmen along with some Democratic congressmen that would result in a majority.  It is the opportunity for the President to push through legislation that would be more favorable to him with some compromise.

This can only happen with GOP participation.  That is the big “IF.”  The consequence of failure will be some sad days in January.

There is one thing we know.  This entire situation was caused by our broken political system.  Not just American but the rest of the world is wondering, what has happened to the United States?



  1. Good article as usual. I am sure that like myself, you are mystified at this ‘congress’ as this has never happened in my lifetime and although i truly bought into the ’60 is the new 40′ i have seen many presidents and many years of different congress. Did we bring this on ourselves by our apathy and our inattention to what was going on? I wonder that question a lot. One thing i do know, is that like any cornered wild animal the GOP(guarding one percenters) will not go easy. There is a really good petition that i would recommend with a demand for those in congress to take a pay cut, to have their pensions turned over to pay on the deficit and they will be eligible for social security like the rest of us- no more 65 days paid off and the list of extras on top of their pay is unreal- there were other requests Also there are several good ones by B Frank and some of the other good reps and senators. The truth of the matter is that by now the GOP are so crazed with unbelief that the president was re-elected by the will of the people, they are acting more like spoiled children than ‘adults’. There should be a way for the american people to be able to ‘impeach’ members of our government that do not govern at the peoples will. One thing for sure, is this is the time for our voices to be lifted and the more voices, the louder the demand. We Americans have forgotten what made us great. We used to all believe that if you shared and help each other, all profited. There used to be a motto ‘take only what you need and give all you can’ and a time when taxes were looked as a necessary obligation to entail that all in a democracy are given what they need for food, housing, education and livable jobs and to have a good infrastructure that enables all to profit. We the people do have great power in our voice, but it seems the corporate owned media and the GOP rhetoric have silenced a large portion of the voices in our country.; Peace

  2. sorry i meant b sanders and here is a link to his petition

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